XXII International Competition for many-stringed instruments instruments Jurmala 2021

XXI International Competition for Many-stringed instruments "Jurmala 2021"

Laureates of sites 1, 2 and 3 of the XXII International Academic Music Competition “Jurmala 2021” receive money awards. In order to receive the premium, by 28 June the laureate or his or her lawyer must complete the application and signed, scanned sent to e-mail: agnija.saprovska@edu.jurmala.lv


  • The performances of the participants must be filmed using a stable horizontal camera, which does not move (a mobile phone can be used as well);
  • Each composition must be filmed in one peace;
  • Video sound cannot be processed in any way;
  • The video must feature the performers in full height.  In the case of multiple cameras, it should be Absolutely clear that the view is consequential and the sound is continuous;
  • Videos can be taken anywhere, not earlier than 1 March of 2021;
  • Each composition must be aploded as seperate video with description in file name  – participant name_surname_group_composition;
  • Videos must be uploaded onto a certain location:
    Upload of I Round videos
    Upload of II Round videos
  • The competition reserves the right to stream the videos in its own channels, on social networks etc.