XXI International Competition for Piano Jurmala 2020

XXI International Competition for Piano "Jurmala 2020"



The announcer and organizer of the 21th International Competition for Piano Jurmala 2020
is Jūrmalas Mūzikas vidusskola based in Jurmala, Strelnieku pros. 30 k-1 (hereafter – organizer).
The competition takes place every year with changing disciplines. The coorganizer is Jurmala
City Council.
The goal of competition is to contribute professional development of young musicians and to
offer them a platform for public performance.

29. 04. 2020 – 04. 05. 2020
Conditions for the participation
The competition is open for the musicians of any nationality.
The competition divides into these categories according to participant’s age:

 Category A – up to 10 years old (including)
 Category B – up to 12 years old (including)
 Category C – up to 15 years old (including)
 Category D – up to 19 years old (including)

The age must meet the category on 4th of May, 2020.

The competition in category A will be held in one round, in categories B, C and D it will be held
in two rounds.
In second round and Final concert, the musicians will perform their compulsory piece with
29th of April – registration, Opening of competition in chamber hall
30th of April – First round for Categories A and B. Awarding Category A.
1th of May – First round for Categories C and D.
2th of May – rehearsal with orchestra (B, C and D Categories)
3th of May – Second Round for Categories B, C and D with orchestra
4th of May – Final Concert and awarding Categories B, C and D

The participant has to come in time given by the schedule, which can be made public before
each round, and on the place, where the competition takes place. If the competitor does not
come for the competition performance in the time given, (s)he is removed from the
competition. On the suggestion of the chairman of jury, the chairman of the organizer can
exceptionally decide that the competitor can continue in the competition.
All rounds of each category and each round are public.

The organizer nominates international jury of 5 members, whose are experienced
players/teachers of piano. The names of all jurors will be announced on the organizers website
01. 03. 2020.

The meetings of jury are managed by its chairman. Its plan is defined by the chairman in
compliance with the competition terms and the competition daily schedule. The secretary
provides that the results and the jury decisions are made public.

The jury listens to, considers and awards the performances of all competitors acquired to the
competition according to the competition terms, part Competition Repertoire. They do not
disturb the competition performance. In case of the performance exceeding of the time limit
given by the organizer, the chairman of jury is allowed to end the competition performance.
The jury makes the decision strictly in their meetings. All questions are decided by the majority
of the votes. In case of equality of votes, it is the chairman’s vote that decides.

The members of jury are obliged to participate on the jury meetings. The organizer’s deputies
are allowed to be present to these meetings. All participants of the meetings must respect the
confidentiality of the meetings and must keep its content secret.

The meetings are non-public.
If the performances of the competitors do not reach the level required, the jury decide whether
it gives all the announced awards, or it does not have to give any of them, if it simultaneously
states that the performances do not reach the usual artistic level of the competition for award
giving. The results of competition are made public after final meeting of each jury.

All competitors, who have been awarded or given the honorable mention, will be given a
diploma with their name and the award grade. The winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize earn
the title of “competition laureate”.

The jury decisions are final and it is not possible to appeal against them.

Musicians who would like to sign for the competition has to fill in the application form until
06. 04. 2019.

Category A EUR 20;
Category B EUR 30;
Category C EUR 40;
Category D EUR 50.
and must be paid until 06. 04. 2019 by bank account transfer:

Jūrmalas Mūzikas vidusskolas atbalsta fonds
Nr. 40008076850
Bank: Citadele
IBAN: LV23PARX0006437080017

The competition fee is non-refundable.

All the expenses related to the travels and accommodation are paid by the competitors

The competition organizer is able to book the accommodation for the competitors on request.
Protection of personal data and privacy
Competition performances in all rounds are public. Time schedules containing names of the
competitors are public. Progress lists and results lists containing names of the competitors
are public.

The competitor has to play a repertoire of own choice in First round. It should not exceed the
time limit. There is a compulsory piece that must be performed in Second round for Categories
B, C and D.
Compositions in each round must be played by heart.

Repertoire is in the “Regulations” below.