XXI International Competition for Piano Jurmala 2020

XXI International Competition for Piano "Jurmala 2020"



The XXI International Academic Music Competition “Jūrmala” For Piano is organized by the Jūrmala Secondary Music School (JSMS) in collaboration with the Education Department of Jūrmala City Council and EPTA Latvia.

The International Academic Music Competition “Jūrmala” since 1995 provides an ideal networking platform for music students and teachers of all generations. It offers to the contestants a valuable performance experience, assessed by highly qualified performing arts professionals and teachers.


The Competition is open for musicians of all nationalities and takes place in the following age categories:

·         Category A – up to 10 years old (inclusive)

·         Category B – up to 12 years old (inclusive)

·         Category C – up to 15 years old (inclusive)

·         Category D – up to 19 years old (inclusive)

To be eligible for participation, the competitors must be of indicated age on May 4, 2020.

Category A consists of one round. Categories B, C, D consist of two rounds.

In Round II and in Final Concert applicants must perform the compulsory piece with orchestra.

All performances of all categories and all rounds are public.

The Competition will ensure protection of personal data and privacy according to the laws and legislations of the Republic of Latvia. By signing the application, the applicants agree that Competition performances in all rounds shall be public. Competition timetables with the names of the competitors shall be public. Progress lists and results lists with the names of the competitors shall be public.


April 29 – registration, Opening Ceremony in the Chamber Hall of JSMS
April 30 – Round I for categories A and B; Awards Ceremony for category A.
May 1 – Round I for categories C and D.
May 2 – rehearsal with orchestra (categories B, C, D)
May 3 – Round II for categories B, C, D (with orchestra)
May 4 – Final Concert and Awards Ceremony for categories B, C, D.

Participants must adhere to the schedule, made public prior to each consecutive round. If the competitor fails to appear and/or to adhere to the competition schedule, he/she is disqualified from the competition. Jury Chairman has exclusive rights to allow or refuse late performances.


The Organizer nominates an international jury, consisting of five artists and piano teachers of international stature.

The names of jury members will be announced on the Organizer’s website on March 1, 2020.

The jury meetings are planned and managed by the Jury Chairman in compliance with the competition terms and schedules. The secretary ensures that the jury decisions are made public.

The jury evaluates and awards the performances of all competitors in accordance with the Competition Regulations.

The repertoire selected by the competitor must adhere to the Competition Repertoire indicated in the Competition Regulations.

Jury members shall not disturb performances, unless the performance exceeds the time limit, in which case the Jury Chairman has the right to stop the participant.

The jury makes its decision in jury meetings only. All disputes are settled by the majority of vote. If voting produces equal results, the vote of the Jury Chairman is final.

The members of jury must participate in all jury meetings. The organizer’s deputies may be present at these meetings.

All participants must respect the confidentiality of jury meetings, which are not open to general public.

If the professional level of performances is not sufficient, the jury has the right to withhold certain awards.

The results of the Competition are made public after the final meetings of the jury in each category.

All competitors that receive awards or honorable mentions will receive a personalized diploma stating their award level.

The winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will earn the titles of “competition laureate”.


All decisions of the Competition Jury are final and beyond appeal.


Applications are accepted until 06.04.2020. 


  • Category A – EUR 20
  • Category B – EUR 30
  • Category C – EUR 40
  • Category D – EUR 50

The participation fee must be transferred by 06.04.2020. to the following account:

Jūrmalas Mūzikas vidusskolas atbalsta fonds

Nr. 40008076850

Bank: Citadele

IBAN: LV23PARX0006437080017


The participation fee is non-refundable.


All travel and accommodation expenses must be covered by the competitors.
Upon request, the Organizer may book the accommodation for the competitors.


The repertoire for Round I must be selected in accordance with the Competition Regulation, not exceeding the indicated time limit.

Participants of Categories B, C and D must perform a compulsory piece in Round II.

All competition repertoire must be performed from memory.

Please find the competition repertoire in the “Competition Regulations” document below.


The Competition Regulations have been approved by the organizer and have been published in Latvian and English languages. In case of a dispute, the Latvian version of the Competition Regulations is considered as primary. The competition is announced and shall be organized in accordance with the laws and legislations of the Republic of Latvia.